About Our Studio

Pavlos Sideris  RIBA/ARB Part 2 Honours
Graduated in 2006 from the Architectural Association in London with honours has been working independently since. Pavlos has both taught and practised in the U.K and other countries. Pavlos has produced seminal work in the field of parametric form found design.

Gen Takahashi graduated in 2002 with a Bachelors in Science and Technology from Tokyo University of Science, Department of Architecture, Structural Engineering Lab. He then Graduated from the Architectural Association, working since in London and now Cyprus .




    Public Space Shading Canopy

DEC2007    :   DESIGN FOR THE OTHER 90%      


EXHIBITION    Cooper-Hewit National Design Museum , New York


NOV2007  :   AA-FILES-54  

    Architectural Association, 2006



    Edited by Michael Hensel and Achim Menges


OCT2006  :   DOMUS 

   October Edition, no.896


SEP2006  :   BLUEPRINT  

   September 2006            


JUL2006   :   ICON 


Our Team

Established in 2010 by Pavlos Sideris, ambitious to develop a design research through undertaking built full-scale projects in challenging situations. The design team combines a wide range of skills from parametric design, computer fluid dynamics, rapid prototyping and 3d-modelling to graphic, illustration and photography. The team resources a background in fabrication that is integrated in its design and thinking process.

Pavlos Sideris Studio takes advantage of the group's eclectic backgrounds, bringing together designers from Japan and Cyprus who have done collaborations world-wide; projects that has been exhibited in museums in New York and Korea.

We bridge a range of  disciplines from engineering, architectural practice offer ambition, innovation and experimentation, realised through beautifully crafted and intelligently executed designs.


Construction Costs: 

We encourage our clients to hire a quantity surveyor from an early stage to make sure we stay within budget. We work with housing projects starting from Euro1500 excluding VAT per sq. m.

Larger scale projects or Commercial Projects would need to be reviewed before an estimation is given.

All estimations will depend upon various factors such as: Design + Structure, Heated floors and Cooling, Materials + Maintenance , Humidity barriers and strategies depending on site's location, Energy Efficiency + Windows, Automation Systems.


Architectural and Engineering Services: 

Depending on the project we charge a fixed-fee basis that relates to the scale and complexity of the project. Every project has different demands, some with higher technical and legal understandings.​ We collaborate with a number of engineers, site surveyors, landscape architects, and other professionals on the team. We will help you assess who will be needed along the way and put you in touch with people in my professional network.



As a rule of thumb, we estimate the initial client’s budget before starting the project. It is as simple as applying VAT to the Construction Cost and adding all Engineering fees which add up to 6-7 % for  residential projects. 

After the concept has been designed the Quantity Surveyor comes on board to give more specific values to the project.




I got a lower bid from another architect. Why is yours higher ?

We approach the design process in a unique way and dive deep into building an understanding of my client so that you receive an end result that fits you like a glove.

We also include some level of interior design and 3D rendering in all my work, as I believe the best results happen when the space is considered holistically and our clients can visualize the end result. Designing buildings and documenting them to this level of detail is labor-intensive.

Therefore, my scope of work is beyond that of the typical architect.

​How long will it take to complete my project ?

For most projects in Cyprus, the design team needs up to 8 months to complete all architectural services and prepare the package that includes work by all other engineers to be submitted to the Planning Authorities.Some clients prefer to move more slowly through the design process - we'll go at your pace. 

Permitting ?

Once we have an approved final design and a contractor scheduled, we will submit your project for permitting with the appropriate jurisdiction. Review times generally take from 3-6 months, and revisions are usually a part of this process. If a change of use, landmark, or public review is involved, this process will take longer.

Construction ?

From the day the construction begins we estimate for 18-24 months for the project to finish.

Construction Administration ?

Once your permit is issued and your contractor is mobilized, we will schedule on-site meetings with the contractor periodically to assess progress, and will be available for coordination as necessary. Our job during construction is also to be your advocates and administer the construction contract so that what is built is reflective of the design intention. 

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