Competition - The Old GSP

Competition 2011'

The project has been approached with three aspects in mind:

1.      To create a Multifunctional Centre acting as an integral organic part of the Urban  Centre                      and considered more park thank building.
2       To focus on Green Architecture and Environmental Sustainability
3.      To produce a proud new landmark jewel adjacent to the new state theatre THOC that 
          will attract people from around the island.

*The landscape at the old GSP area is our tool for recreating this labyrinth style of movement
with an aim to create a safe and fulfilling outdoor experience for everybody. A new recreational 
area and park is created for a city which thirsts for parkland. The new land creation combines 
geometry, horticulture, psychology, sociology, landscape design, and networking. 
*New created spaces combine sculptures, gardens, playgrounds, bridges, recreational activities,
restaurants and bars, and are all found within this network that combines humans with nature 
and nature with humans. Features and spaces of simple but unique complexity co-habit, creating
a style of movement where one allows himself to wander and forget the stress of city life. 
*The walking paths within the design, our so-called social corridors, exhibit a certain rhythm and
allow the pace to slow down as we enter deep within the park and allow the pleasure of 
discovery to be prolongued. 
*Here is the creation of an ecosystem, a dynamic relationship among the environment, 
topography, structural intensities, and human activities. The environment needs to be 
considered as one of integral materials that contribute to what we call the built environment 
in which structure, environment and the inhabitant interact perpetually.

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