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UK 2015,



Museum Gardens, London E2 9PA
Competition 2015'

Our design is inspired by the optical properties of the sky. Its scope is to create a palpable envelope with external and internal skins similar to biological organisms. As you approach the sky seems to come nearer and upon entering you find yourself as if inside a cloud.  
The thresholds are only 1m20 high - this makes you think twice if indeed you are 'allowed' to enter. The aim of this is to implement the factor of play for the visitor; to increase one’s thirst for further discovery. 

On a technical level we developed a strategy of embedding elements with compressive strength between two membrane skins. The result is the production of a lightweight, free-standing visually frameless membrane structure. The Double-Skins interact in a game of pushing and pulling to create this unique 'bubbly' curvature. 

The goal is to have a framework that can be transported to and set up in any location. All that is needed is an on-site scaffolding, and a set of simple DIY assembly instructions. The Pavilion can therefore be delivered, hand-carried and erected anywhere.
The Pavilion's skin is made from Barrisol, an elastic membrane that is a non flammable PVC sheet. Barrisol UK , support our project and have agreed to sponsor us for any excess amount over the given budget. 

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