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Formit Architects LLC in collaboration with Pavlos Sideris

NICOSIA student halls

The building mass is defined by a unified building shaped as a rectangle, enclosing a central courtyard. In fact it is a set of 7 autonomous blocks ( aspect of structure, security, fire etc) which are linked together to form a ring. This courtyard is very large, allowing for green pockets as well as providing open circulation and visibility but also social gathering spaces.
Forming a microclimate and keeping all entry points visible throughout the courtyard allows for a more secure environment yet one that is large enough to give privacy. The cafeteria is the heart of the courtyard.
The typical room type A is the basic ‘cell’ from which the distribution of all other room types and facilities is based on. Room types B & C are 1.5 times A on the grid. Similarly type D is three times A and so on. From this modular system we were able to build in open green spaces with double and even triple heights which being in light and ventilation to the building.
Using this system we were able to reduce the number of cores to only 8,to feed the whole complex, while staying within the accessibility and fire regulations.
The rooms are fitted on either side of a main corridor and have views all around the campus.
The main axis coming from the campus, across the river Kaligiros and into the central courtyard is kept open. The building forms a bridge over this main entry point.
As per the brief, there is a basement parking,which follows the grid above, all disabled rooms are on the ground floor, facing the river, and all social spaces have been distributed on the ground floor.
The M&E requirements have been met within the basement and all access can be monitored from the basement, through the ground floor security, to the rooms.
The grid system allows for future plug in of rooms or similarly, removal of rooms to create more green spaces.

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