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Competition 2015'

open book
Our proposal takes the form of a cave-like structure filled with pockets that beckon visitors from near and far to explore the treasures within. 
The three entrances are at the heart of the architecture, functioning as a social magnet from where the generated vibrancy is spread along the Core to more reclusive areas above. Green pockets higher up offer stunning vista points over the city, instigating close encounters between book lovers and free timers.
The Core is a blend of glass, timber, and open spaces. It acts as a backbone, purposely built to touch the soul and senses; it is where aesthetics meet nature, sunlight meets ventilation, social discourse meets contemplation. 
Our design encourages flexible circulation within the multitude of areas, thereby achieving functional coherence and co-existence between the inside and the outside, the covered and the bare, the natural and the manmade, the built and the unbuilt. 
Modern, open, and friendly for all, we call our proposal ‘open book’.

Ground Level built-up area: 1.255m²
Total built-up area of the over ground levels (ground level included): 18.420m²
Total area of landscaped areas in the range of the competition plot and the building: 1.741m²
Number of parking spots in the 3 basements: 301

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