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PERU 2010,



Competition 2010'




Our architectural proposal presents a new type of urban housing that aims to challenge conventional architectural typologies of the apartment block. The block is now  reinterpreted as a collection of suburban residences that include 2 levels per  apartment in which spaces of common  and private spaces  emerge. Every flat is unique in its own way with a differentiated notion of layout and theme, according to the client’s needs.

Meshing in with the surrounding San Isidro tissue, we aim to utilise the views to the maximum and this is achieved by “piercing” the building at strategic hot spots that will enable a democratic view for all the flats at different heights. This will allow flats that are not situated in the most privileged point within the global form of the building, to still have visual access to either the Lima Golf Course in the North, to the old city in the West and to the Ocean in the South. These “piercings” seen as yellow dynamic shapes within the cubic style of the building allow the solid block to become more permeable to the outside and to absorb the reflections of the site. The Conoid yellow shapes are not only utilised as telescopic facilitators but also as furniture and skylights allowing the building to be lit naturally internally within the typically cloudy days in Lima.

The initial starting-up component consists of a cube that upon a specific proliferation mode defines the global form. We use this method strategically to increase the surface areas and therefore maximise access to sunlight within the building. Cubism is visually enhanced through the randomness of the stainless greyscale coated panels that create a blur effect allowing the dynamic yellow conoids stand out as if floating. This is what gives character to our building and makes it stand out from the surrounding greyscale and cloudy sky.

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