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Status: Compeition 2018


Modern, inviting, and friendly for all, our proposal is called The Five Stones.


The Five Stones is a homage to Borovets and its history as the oldest Bulgarian winter gateway and resort, sporting numerous outdoor activities, and being nestled between forests, blue lakes, and the footpaths leading to the famous Musala Lakes.


Our belief is that Architecture should be innovative and diverse, a medium that opens new doors to a network of social communication, and encourages exploration and discovery. This belief gave rise to The Five Stones – a synthesis of such characteristics that aims to attract and bring more visitors to the area all year round.


Our ultimate purpose is to create the right environment which will satisfy the varying wants, needs and preferences of the thousands of visitors and individuals. Differentiation therefore is one of the driving key elements to what we call a democratic model – an umbrella of choices and opportunities. The Five Stones acts as a Multifunctional Urban Centre and will become an integral, organic part of Borovets that serves both as a building of the urban landscape as well as a park of leisure and pleasure.


Finally, The Five Stones seeks to act as a balancing ingredient; a harmonious blend between nature and human intervention, balancing the natural surroundings with the Golden Triangle and the human circulation. 

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