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Competition 2013'


1.1– Abstract

Changbin Township’s Baxian Caves is renowned for its unique landform and prehistoric site. With its exotic view of the unique abrasion cave and the oldest prehistoric site in Taiwan, Changbin Cultural Relic is ranked as a Class 1 Historic Monument. It is also the largest tourist attraction in the northernmost region of Taitung. The most caves are occupied and used as shrines.   

This image was our source of inspiration, for the creation of an ecosystem, a dynamic relationship among the environment, topography, structural intensities, and human activities.  The environment needs to be considered as one of integral materials that contribute to what we call the “built environment” in which structure, environment and the inhabitant interact perpetually. We use the reference of the Baxian Caves to translate the notion of reading (Public Library) and discovering (Fine Arts Exhibition Centre) within a natural and organic environment; as if reading under a tree in a park.

Our proposal deploys the evocative image of The Baxian Caves in a threefold manner:

•To focus on Green Architecture and Environmental Sustainability.

•To create a Multifunctional Centre acting as an integral organic part of Taichung's Urban Centre, and which acts as more park than building.

•To produce a proud new landmark that will attract people from around the island.

e for 162 cars and 418 scooters. 

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